Let Go

Let go of trying to be in control of everything at once. Being busy for the sake of it doesn’t count. Focus on what matters.

Imagine holding one project in your head at a time, only doing one thing and being focussed on it. Imagine letting go of all the other stuff, trusting that it will still be there if you don’t pay it attention for a short while. How much stress would you let go of, how much better at the task in hand would you be, how much more engaged with the people you’re with?

Explore mindfulness or meditation to relax and empty your head (you will learn this as part of the coaching experience). Research clearly shows that being mindful lowers stress, improves concentration, heightens the immune system and increases creativity.

Let go of what’s beyond your control, what you can’t or don’t want to do anything about, it’s wasted time and energy. Trust your ability to cope with whatever happens. Tell your ‘gremlins’ to be quiet and let go of the fear.

Let go of anger. It’s often a sibling emotion to fear, and not a healthy place to take action from or to move your life forwards. Forgive yourself and others and feel your stress levels drop. Have empathy and compassion, most people are doing the best they can, and if they mess up, it’s not always personal.