Pep Exec

Coaching can help you develop a range of powerful leadership & management skills for business, learn improved communication techniques, behavioural skills and motivational processes to support behaviour change.

Coaching can be focussed towards achieving specific professional goals, which could include managing career change, increasing creativity & innovation, or more authentic leadership skills.

Within companies, Pep Exec Coaching is used to build skills and competencies, in order to develop the management and leadership potential of employees, and increase personal confidence and motivation.

Pep Coaching can help clients transition from a ‘command and control’ management style, to a more modern, inclusive and empowering approach.

The research tells us that that happier workplaces are more productive and creative. Pep Coaching can co-design programmes with clients, to look after the wellbeing of their employees, to produce a healthier, happier, more motivated and successful workforces.

Example areas of focus for Pep Exec Coaching:

  • Emotional Intelligence & Resilience
  • Mindfulness for Balance, Productivity & Creativity
  • Stress Management
  • Values based Leadership
  • Confidence Building and Personal Impact
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Collaborative Working & Team Building
  • Relationship & Systems Coaching
  • Dealing with Change, Ambiguity & Complexity