Be Positive

Having a positive attitude to the past, present and future can have significant benefits.

Positivity is correlated to longer life, a stronger immune system, lower stress, being more productive, creative and successful at work, and having stronger relationships and social networks (you’re more attractive basically!). Through coaching, it’s possible to develop positivity as a habit, behaviour and coping mechanism that leads to flourishing.

Much research has been done, led by the Positive Psychology movement, on the habits, behaviours and attitudes of people who report high levels of life satisfaction. These include an optimistic outlook, expressing gratitude for things and people in your life, and a greater awareness and ability to be in the present moment, which leads to more occasions where you experience positive emotion.

When someone speaks to you, be in the moment, listen and respond to them with a positive attitude. How does that feel? What impact do you have?

The research tells us that most people are naturally loss averse, with any anxieties we might have, connected to our survival instinct, just trying to keep us safe. Through positivity, we can reduce our stress, silence some of that negative, limiting self-talking, and open up what’s possible for ourselves now and in the future.