Coaching involves developing and extending your behavioural and communication skills, ways of thinking, coping and thriving strategies, to help you be more positive, resilient, creative and productive in your personal and business lives. Coaching is non-judgemental and confidential.

With help from your coach, you decide the focus and direction for the coaching, you are in control (you’re ‘driving the bus’) and give the coach permission to structure and progress discussions, to make the coaching effective and keep the coaching aligned to your agenda. Of course you might choose a particular Pep Programme e.g. Life.Work Balance, which will help give an initial framework to discussions.

What coaches do – Core skills:

  • Help clients to decide what the coaching is going to be about
  • Listen to what is said without judgement
  • Listen to how it is said, and what emotions accompany the content
  • Notice what is not being said / avoided
  • Reflect back what seems important for the client
  • Be curious and ask powerful questions
  • Make requests & Set challenges aligned to the agenda
  • Hold clients accountable as agreed with them

What is it like to be coached – Imagine:

  • The space and time to focus on yourself and your life
  • Being listened to without judgement or negative analysis
  • Being able to be completely honest
  • Someone who listens to what you say and how you say it, and reflects back to you the key things that seem important to you
  • Deciding what you really want in life, now and in the future
  • Setting short and long term goals
  • Making choices which honour your personal values
  • Being held accountable and supported as you move towards your goals
  • Identifying obstacles that hold you back and strategies to overcome them
  • Being comfortable in your own skin
  • Feeling a sense of fulfillment, momentum and purpose in your life
  • Living life to your full potential