The Coaching Process:

  • Chat to Pep about what coaching can do for you
  • Perhaps try a free sample coaching session
  • If we click and both see the potential, we agree to work together
  • Discovery session (c. 120mins), where through questions and exercises we find the key areas which we will focus the coaching on
  • Together design how the coaching will work to be most effective
  • Coaching sessions of 45mins to 1hour
  • Once every 2 weeks (or other frequency if thought more effective)
  • Face-to-Face or Phone/Skype if more convenient
  • Both coach and client choose quiet comfortable locations where they won’t be interrupted. Sometimes different environments can offer useful perspectives for the coaching e.g. a walking coaching session, coaching in an art gallery etc.
  • A minimum period of 3-6 months is recommended for the coaching. It takes time to feel the full impact of new ways of thinking and behaviours. Also as you work with your coach, the coaching relationship will typically increase in its efficiency and effectiveness.